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Thursday, July 5th 2012

4:20 PM

Preteen 16 years


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From: Cornhusker Fan
Subject: preteen fashion forums
Christmas Visit part 2This story contains sexual activities between men and underage boys and
girls. It is pure fantasy, none of it ever happened. If you like that
type of story, stick around.If it is illegal in the area you live, then please leave. If you don't
enjoy that type of story, why did you come here in the first place?XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAfter breakfast (a small feast!) Emily gave me japanese sexy preteens
the "nickel tour" she had
promised me last night. I was already familiar with the basement (and its
occupants) and she showed me around the main floor and the 2nd floor."This is a gorgeous home Emily. You have a real flair for decorating.""Thanks Dave. It's the home we always wanted. Mike has worked hard for
years, and we have saved and saved, skipping a few things along the way to
make it work. We are very happy.""I can tell that. I'm so glad you invited me for the holidays. It's great
to be here with you guys and the kids.""We're all glad you're here Dave. We've missed seeing you. Mike and I
have to run out and take care of a couple of last minute gifts. Do you
want to come along?""No, I've done all my shopping. By the way, did a box arrive for me the
other day?""Yes, it's out in the garage.""Thanks. If you don't mind I'll just hang here with the kids while you and
Mike run your errands, unpack the box, and maybe even get a nap in!""Like that will happen with my two preteens free pictures kids around, but good luck", Emily
laughingly told me.We headed back down to the main floor. Just as Mike and Emily were
leaving, Toby ran up to them. "Dad, Brad called and wants to know if I can
come over for a while. Can I?""Sure Toby. But be home in a couple of hours, ok?""Sure Dad." All three of them left.I wandered into the family room where Sara was watching an animated
Christmas special on TV. "Hey Sara, what'cha watching?""Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. I guess I should be too old for it, but I
still like it.""Hey, you're never too old to enjoy a good show. I still watch it every
year, along with a bunch of other Christmas shows.""Cool Uncle Dave. Which one is your favorite?""Well, that's a tough one. But I think I would have to say The Santa
Clause with Tim Allen.""Yeah, I love that one too.""Sara, about this morning...""Don't worry about it Uncle Dave. It was no big deal. I kind of thought
it was funny. The look on your face and all.""But then when you headed into your bedroom, and dropped your towel again,
it seemed like you did it on purpose.""I did. It's kind of fun getting seen naked.""You like that do you?""Yeah. Sometimes I, uh, well never mind.""What Sara? You can tell me.""No, I better not. You'll think I'm weird. And I wouldn't want Mom and
Dad to find out.""Anything you say will be just between you and me. We are here alone. And
I would never think you're weird. You're my oldest friend's daughter, and
I love you.""Do you really mean that Uncle Dave. Do you love me? And my brother too?""Of course, why would you think any different?""Well, we hadn't seen you in a couple thailand preteen nude of years, and Toby and I thought
maybe you didn't like being around kids.""That couldn't be further from the truth. I love spending time with your
folks AND you and Toby. I've just been so busy at work I haven't had time
to come see you.""Oh. Well, I'm glad you're here now.""Me too honey. Now, what were you going to tell me?""Well, sometimes after everyone's in bed, I lock my bedroom door and go
online in some chat rooms. I turn my cam on, and, well, let people see me
naked and stuff, and I get to see them elite preteen y
naked too.""Is that exciting for you?" I was beginning to get stiff just from this
conversation."Hell, oops, I mean heck yeah."I laughed. "It's okay. If I'm not going to tell your folks about what you
do online, I'm not going to tell them about a cuss word!""You're cool Uncle Dave.""Now I have a confession to make. I sometimes do the same thing online as
you do."Sara's eyes got as big as saucers. "Really? You like to be naked on
camera too?""I do. And I like to see other people naked on the computer. The only
thing is, most of the time young people like yourself won't let me see
them, only older people.""Really? I wonder why that is? I get to see people all ages naked and
doing stuff. preteen actress photo And I like it when anybody watches me; I don't care how old
they are. It makes me excited.""Well, I think that's cool. But younger people don't seem to want older
people watching them. But when they do, it's a real turn on.""You like seeing young people naked Uncle Dave?"I swallowed hard and took another step closer to a chasm. "Yeah Sarah I
do. I admit I liked seeing you naked this morning."Sarah just looked at me for a moment, not saying anything. I thought I had
gone too far and my world was going to come crashing down when she told
Mike and Emily what I just said. But then she smiled. "I hoped you would
like it. That's why I stepped on the towel and made it fall off."Now I smiled back at her. "You are a little tease aren't you?""Kind of. But it was fun seeing your face when I lost my towel.""I'm kind of surprised your parents let you have a cam.""They don't know about it. I bought it with some saved up allowance money.
It's not a very good one.""Well maybe before I go I'll upgrade it for you."That really got her excited. preteen fashion forums "Really Uncle Dave? That would be so neat!""Why don't you show me what you have now?""Ok. Let's go to my room."As we went into her room, I closed the door. Wouldn't want anyone walking
in and seeing what I hoped might happen. Sara got her cam out of a bottom
drawer where she kept it hidden away under a bunch of junk. I could see it
was a pretty basic model, but probably did ok."Why don't you hook it up so I can see what kind of picture you get?"Sarah turned on her computer and hooked up the cam. She started it up and
I could see her on the screen, but the picture was kind of dark."Part of the problem Sara is the lighting. You should turn on all of the
lights in here." Sarah turned on her bedside lamp, the one on her dresser
and her desk lamp. The overhead light was already on. "See, that helps a
little bit." The picture was a little brighter now."Yeah, that is better. But I'd still like a better camera.""Well, we'll see about that after Christmas. Why don't you show me what
chat rooms you go to."Sara went on line and logged into a chat room for family nudists. Right
away she started getting messages, some of them asking her to take her
clothes off for them. She clicked on a couple of names and asked to see
their cams. preteen pantiy models
They both complied; one was a boy about 18 years old, and the
other a lady in her mid thirty's. Both were completely nude, but not
really doing anything."Would you like to see a room where there is a little more action Sara?""Sure Uncle Dave." ls preteen hardcore
I sat down beside her on the desk chair. We were both
in the picture on cam now. I navigated to a room I like a lot, one that
catered to older/younger combos. I clicked got a couple of people to open
their cams for us. One was a guy about 25 or so jacking off, another had a
naked woman fondling a young teen boy, and a third had two cute twenty year
old girls playing with each other's tits and cunts."Wow. I horny preteen gallery
didn't know ls preteen photos
people did that stuff on cam. That's really cool.
About that time we got a couple of requests to see Sara's cam, so I let
them. One of them was the woman with the boy. A message popped up from
them: Get naked with us.I looked at Sara. She seemed a little nervous, but was still smiling.
"You don't have to Sara. After a while they will get bored if you don't
and just go away.""Yeah, but they might not let us see their cams then.""Well, that's true.""Um, do you think we should Uncle Dave? I mean, um, strip naked for them?""Only if you want to Sara. But if you want to, I will too.""You'd really let me see you naked?""Well, it seems only fair. I saw you.""That's true. Ok, let's do it.""I tell you what. I'll undress you, while you undress me. That will
really get them excited." We had gotten quite a few more requests to view
while we talked and I had been clicking yes on all of them as they popped
up. We were now being watched by about 12 people or couples.I stood us up and we moved a little ways from the desk so people could see
our full bodies. "You go first Sara. Take my shirt off." Sara pulled my
shirt up over my head and tossed it aside. "Now my turn." I grasped her
t-shirt by the hem and slowly pulled it up, then off of her. She had on a
small bra. My hands were shaking a little."Is something wrong Uncle Dave?""Well, yeah Sara. I'm kind of nervous. If your folks or anyone found out,
well you know.""It's cool Uncle Dave. No one will find out. It's my turn again." Sara
unbuttoned and then unzipped my Docker shorts. She pulled them down,
leaving me in a very tented pair of white briefs, with a growing wet spot.
Sara giggled. "Looks like you're kind of excited about this Uncle Dave.""Well, it's not everyday I get to undress someone, or have them undress me.
Especially not a pretty yo 13 preteen 11-year-old girl."Sara blushed again. "Do you really think I'm pretty?""I think you are beautiful baby. And we are going to show these people how
beautiful you are. I pulled down her elastic waist shorts, leaving her in
her bra and panties. I stopped and clicked on a half dozen more requests
to view, and a few invites to see other cams. Luckily Mike had gotten Sara
an oversized monitor. We were now seeing 5 other horny preteen gallery cams besides our own.
One, as it turned out, was what appeared to be a Father/Daughter couple,
undressing each other at the same pace we were. They must be taking cues
from us."My turn again Uncle Dave. Are you sure you're ready for this?""I better be. There's only one thing left for you to strip off of me."Sara slowly pulled my briefs out and then down my body, revealing to her
for the first time my 7-inch throbbing and leaking boner. On the screen
the daughter was doing the same to her father. Sara looked at european preteen nymphets it. "God,
you're pretty big Uncle Dave.""Not really, but thanks for saying so Sara. Are you ready to be naked
now?""Go for it."I turned her around and unfastened her bra. Reaching around her I took
hold of the bra by the top of the cups, and let my fingers brush over her
breasts as I removed it, showing off her pretty tits to those watching.
Again glancing at the screen, I could see the father mimicking my every
move. His daughter didn't seem to mind.Next I took hold of the front and back of Sara's cotton panties. This way
as I pulled them down I diaper preteen stories was able to let me hands run over her cute ass and
her pretty little pussy. The daddy did the same thing. After I stood back
up I put my arm around this naked little girl and we just stood there for a
minute, letting the viewers enjoy the sight preteens free pictures
of a 40 year old naked man with
a throbbing boner standing with an equally naked barely pubescent teen
girl.The dad/daughter team on the screen now took the lead. The daughter took
hold of her father's stiff 9-inch prick and started jacking it. I pointed
it out to Sara."Wow, she's jacking him off. That's cool. I uh, do you think, that, uh, I
could do that?" she asked shyly."Only if you want to. You don't have to just because they are.""I really want to touch you Uncle Dave. You are the first naked man I've
ever been with in person.""Do what you want then honey."Sara tentatively reached out and wrapped her hand around my boner. I
almost shot off right then. This was fucking incredible. She started
moving her hand up and down slowly on my cock, sending indescribable
thrills through me. On the screen the dad preteen pantiy models
was fondling his daughter's
titties."Do you want me to do what he's doing Sara?""Sure model mania preteen Uncle Dave. It will be cool, and I bet some of the people watching
will really like it.""Are you kidding? That guy there just blew a load of cum all over his
keyboard!"Sara giggled. "Go ahead, play with my breasts Uncle Dave."I reached out and fondled her fashion preteen l
cute breasts. Again I had to concentrate on
not coming. I pinched her nipples a little and they quickly stiffened up.On screen preteen boys pink the father had sat down and pulled his little girl onto his lap
where he was fingering her small snatch. "How about that Sara? Do you
want me to do that too?""Oh yeah Uncle Dave. I love having my pussy played with. Oops, I probably
shouldn't have said that."I wondered who had been playing with her this sweet little cunt, but
decided I would find out later. For now I positioned the chair and sat
down. Sara quickly climbed on my lap and spread her legs. I ran my
fingers up and down her outer lips before sinking a finger into her wet
twat. Once again, I had to steel myself not to preteens free pictures
shoot immediately. I
pulled my finger out of her cunt and brought it to my lips. Her juices
were sweet nectar.I went back to fingering her 11-year-old pussy, finding her clit and
playing with it. Sara started thrashing around on my lap and moaning as I
fingered her pussy and stimulated her clitty. Sara threw her head back and
screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her. God I hoped now one had
come in to hear her, but I clamped a hand over her mouth just in case.I frigged her clit as fast as I could, extending her orgasm beyond anything
she had previously experienced. Her body just shook from the incredible
feelings. I finally let up, fearing she might have some kind of
over-stimulation agency modeling preteens seizure if I didn't. I leaned over and clicked off the
internet connection.Finally coming down from her incredible high, Sara was at last able to
speak once again. "Oh my God Uncle Dave. That was incredible. I've never
felt that good in my life.""I'm glad you liked it baby. Later I'll show you some things that will
make you feel even better if you want me to.""I can't wait Uncle Dave. But you didn't get off did you?""Nope, but you thailand preteen nude can help if you want to."Sara didn't say anything. She just reached between her legs when my cock
was standing up proudly and took hold of it once again. She started again
jacking me off. She would run her hand over the leaking piss slit and
spread my copious precum around on my cock, making it nice and slick. It
wasn't long before I was at the edge."Stroke me faster baby. I'm going to shoot." Sara speeded up her jacking
of my dick and a moment later a huge shot of cum jetted out the end of my
cock, arcing up in the air and landing on her stomach and pussy. I
continued to shoot, and as she maneuvered my dick she was ls preteen photos covered in my hot
jism. I finally had to pull her hand off nude 14 preteens
my cock, as it was becoming too
sensitive. As I was recovering, I let my hands rub the cum into her soft
naked flesh, caressing her from her neck to her pussy.Glancing at the clock, I told her we better get cleaned up. It was almost
1 PM on Christmas Eve and I knew Emily and Mike would be back soon. I
looked over at the bedroom door and it was open!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSo, who do you think had opened the door? Was it Mike or Emily? If so,
why hadn't they come charging in demanding to know what in the hell was
going on with their diaper preteen stories baby?Maybe it was Toby? If so, was he jealous thailand preteen nude
or excited?Give me your thoughts. Should the story continue, or should diaper preteen stories
we just leave
the rest up to your fertile preteen models allnude
imaginations?You can contact me at crnhskrfn77comcast.net. Pics to inspire future
chapters are always welcome!
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Thursday, July 5th 2012

12:00 AM

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